Add Color and Interest to your Yard this Spring

Here are 5 tips on how to add color and interest to your yard this spring.
1. Scour your home and garden sections or local nurseries for colorful perennials or annuals. Be sure to ask what environment the plant requires (shade, full sun, etc.). Have fun choosing the flowers and colors that make you smile. Then, get your hands a little dirty and connect with nature as you plant your garden. Annuals will last for one season, while perennials come back year after year.
2. Flower boxes are a great way to quickly add instant charm to any home. You can add them to your windows or porch railings.
3. Hanging baskets are another quick and easy way to add color to your yard. They are fairly easy to care for and take up very little space. You can create your own look using metal hanging baskets rather than the plastic ones. This way you can add personal touches and use them season after season.
4. Don’t forget container gardens. You can also add color to your landscape by incorporating colorful pots. This is great way to add interest in a small space. Even if you stick with evergreen plants, you can express your personal style through the pots you choose. They add a fun pop of color to your yard.
5. Flowers aren’t the only way to add color to a garden. You can also look for plants with different leaf colors to add interest to your landscape.