Tips on Increasing your Home’s Curb Appeal

Here are 5 quick ways to increase your home’s curb appeal:

1. Paint Your Home
A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to perk up the look of your home by adding brightness and distinction. Choosing a bold color can cause your home to stand out among the block. You can add that pop of color to your trim, shutters or front door.
2. Upgrade Your Mailbox
Whether you have a mailbox by the curb or one mounted to your home, upgrading your current mailbox is an easy and inexpensive way to add pizazz to the look of your home, thus increasing the curb appeal. Be sure to check and see if your community allows changes to the mailbox before you start on this project.
3. Change Up Exterior Light Fixtures
By purchasing new exterior light fixtures or updating existing ones with metallic spray paint, you can increase the overall ambiance of your home. When selecting new lights, consider the style and function of each fixture in order to choose one that will supply adequate light for the intended area.
4. Power Washing Your House, Porch and Deck
A little water goes a long way when it comes to power washing. Renting a power washer from a local hardware store can save money and the task usually only takes a few hours. Return on investment is great, as you wash away the dirt and pollen revealing your sparkling clean home.
5. Landscape, landscape, landscape
It doesn’t take tons of money to improve your home’s landscape. By simply adding plants of various sizes, textures and colors, you can increase the overall look of your home immensely. Don’t forget to keep the pinestraw or mulch maintained in your beds. And some seasonal pruning and clean up can go a long way.